A Mini meet UP

Went out last night with small bunch of friends. Been missing them so much. It is not a big one but we really had agreat time sitting down together and chit chatting something about our life since it is such a long time since we last met.

Here is some pictures to share but actually there is more from different camera. Basically gour ladies and a gentleman the four of us had our own camera so four of us have different picture. This is only part of it but it does means a lot of things from picture.....
angel , GooLooLoo & -pEi-

We had been non- stop camwhoring when we started to sit down till I leave. I am so sorry to Goo and Florence as I had to leave early to catch with my second round 'yum cha' at Ming's with my friends. And surprisingly I met pink-eclipse. Not a bad night. I had a great one indeed. That's all for my post now. It is a short one but will be more to come.
Today is Chap Goh Meh so wish all readers and those who celebrate Chinese New Year. Happy Chap Goh Meh!!!!!!!!!!!!!


GooLooLoo! You're not ugly la! I hv always admire your natural beauty. You look sparkling and radiant even without make-up. While me? I hv to wear make-up tebal tebal oh :-( And that wig made me look like pondan, LOL.

It's really nice meeting you, dear Pei. =) Looking forward for another gathering with you soon.

= FLoReNcE = said…
lol to angel. U r pretty n sexy in my heart, my dear!!!

Nice gathering pei..next time come out again ya. Miss u!!! :)

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