Hong Yun Cafe

I believe most of the MIRIAN know where is this. I do believe too most of you had been here before. Even Ho Chiak and makanmaniacs been here before for their famous food and drinks. To tell you the truth, this is my very first time here. Can you believe it??

I am l;eaving so near but yet I had never set my foot there before. What ashamed. But thanks to Chung and Garry I managed to be there for my very first time and tried their specialty.
First of all, on the first rank of the menu is this popular 'san se nai cha" translating to english is 3 colour tea???? Never mind, as long as it taste great who cares how you named it isn't it?

Famous MIRI delicacies
Kolok Mee
Laksa sarawak
This is something like the mee hoon want. I did not tried it but Garry seems to like it and enjoying it very much.
This is one of the foochow delicacies. I think it is quite nice as it goes smooth into your mouth and it is not sticky when you bite it. It is suitable for food lovers that had heavy taste on the food that they eat.

It is a nice day as I keep eating and going out. That's all my routine everyday. Hoping not to gain any pounds.....


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