DAY 1 - Fascinating Amsterdam, Netherland

Euro trip begin on 3rd September and we were leaving Atlantic Point the night before. All of us had been waiting for this moment since the day we arrived. In another words we were here for trip instead of study. Just bear with us with our childish-ness.

A long day in the coach was truly suffering. After about 8-9 hours of driving by the coach driver, finally we reach at the port where we had to get into the ferries and cross the border and start our euro journey.

The sun makes me feel warm in the heart even though the weather out there was totally cold. I just feel lovely from it and hopefully the weather gona be good for the next 14 days.

Our first visit would be Amsterdam. A place that everyone know and talk about. I never really know what this place about but I am curious to find out.

I was amazed by their building with fascinating architecture. Maybe I never saw such great building before in my life. Who knows there were more to amazed me. I never knew Amsterdam could be like China. People were cycling instead of driving. So environmental friendly.

The first cruise that I had ever been to. I just love the view when I were in that cruise. People in Amsterdam was friendly in a way and some of them just love the water so much. They live in the boat and do everything in there and that's how they survive. How I wish I were in their shoes but I bet I won't last too long for that kind of life.

It was truly fascinating. One word to described it all. SUPERB. I know I'm too early to judge everything but that was how I feel for that particular moment when I was on that cruise.

After that, we head over to this particular factory that make cheese and also wooden clog. That's what people like chef and housewives wear in the kitchen in Amsterdam. It is for safety. Meaning people in Amsterdam were very particular in Health & Safety since decades ago. You can even personalize your own clog too but it takes time. You won't have time for that so just pick your size and the pattern that you like and go. That's the best choice.

Red light district is our next destination. A very popular place which you shall visit when you were in Amsterdam. We were not allowed to capture any photos when we were there. For those who don't know, this place is actually legal area for prostitution. It was like a box or a cube where the prostitute stands and wait for customer to nego about the price. They will either have sex with their window open or have their curtain close up. Too bad we din get to even got one to watch. Not our day I guess.

After a long day, we finally arrive at our hotel at around 10pm when we finally called it a day. We were waiting for a better trip the next day.


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