DAY 11 - Paris Tour & Lovely cruise

It's day 11 already. Another 2 days more to the end of our trip. Journey to Paris takes a bit longer so we find some games to entertain ourselves. Card game is the best thing for such limited space. We were enjoying ourselves thou and somehow we were the nosiest too.

Time just flies when you were entertained. Finally we stop to stretch and toilet stop. I just in love with this bear but it was way too expensive. Even Malaysia is cheaper after convert.

Paris really makes me amazed. I just fall in love on my first sight. When I search in deep, I'm loving it more and more.

Just tour around and have a good look of Paris but that's not the main point. The interesting point is Paris cruise.

You can't see Paris in depth view but the scenery is really breath taking. You will agree with me if you were in my shoes.

The sun slowly going down and night rising soon. The light is turning on slowly and bit by bit. Really lovely like candle lighting up.

As the sun totally set, the most attracting building is Eiffel Tower. You can never imagine how attractive it is. I'm totally stunned when looking at it.

Pictures is a must. A few hundreds of them but this is the most awesome one. It is not easy to take picture on a moving boat. I would say, I had totally different view of Paris after the cruise. Not the only thing that people say as shopping heaven.


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