DAY 4 - Munich & New Swan Castle

Today we will be visiting Bavaria Motor Works building or better known as BMW. I wonder why this is part of our tour but most of the time tour will actually bring us to some part that was not connected to what it shall be. Maybe this is the place where BMW born.

You will get to see the very first and oldest design of BMW motors to the very latest design that you got in the market.

After the motor watch we head down to Munich. A place where we will have our short lunch break and have a quick taste on local famous food, German Sausage.

Crispy pork leg. A yummy crispy taste from the outside and still soft yummy in the inside. If you love pork, you will gona like this very much. Up to standard I would say.

Beer is definitely one thing you shouldn't miss out when you were there in Germany. They had varieties of beer and do try their honey beer which is good to release heat in your body.

After lunch, we head to this place called New Swan Castle. Place with lots of hills and historical castle. They have fantastic natural view. The bridge that we crossed was making me so so nervous. Furthermore, the big wind that blows makes me feel more scary.

People here are famous with wooden kuku clock. I guess that's how they spell it. They just had kuku clock at almost every house. If you're interested, get one for your home. It will definitely reminds you of New Swan Castle.

Finally, time for dinner. This is the time that we had been waiting for because this is when we gona taste on the famous pork knuckle. A very big portion, even a man couldn't finish it.

How can we miss out the beer when there was a feast going on. This is made by the restaurant owner itself. Germans just love to drink. They know exactly how to make their own beer.

Able to have a taste on the pork knuckle was a real satisfaction but there's more to surprise us. We came to this superb hotel which was one of the best hotel so far in Europe. Here I present Cube Hotel. Lovely hotel but somehow not really user friendly. They had very functional equipment but somehow they miscount something which is more important.

They don't even have a phone for us to intercom each other that stay in different rooms. How are we gona talk to each other? That's not all. They have no door bells for us to press at. How are someone inside the room know there's someone out there knocking the door. Somehow there's 2 door gap and it's hard for someone inside to know someone is knocking at the door.

Looks pretty but not really useful at some point.

Really enjoying the view and also the environment. The weather was getting colder and we were heading to a better place the next day.


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