DAY 12 - Viewing Paris on foot

Our second day at Paris. We'll be looking Paris more in depth. This time round we will be walking around instead of "coaching" around, by bus I mean. A clearer picture is always nice. A closer looks is always lovely rather than just pass by.

I just love it when comes to season change. See how the green leaves turn into orange yellowish color. It is truly romantic. Just like what we watch in korean drama. Just too romantic to described. Great to share with your other half.

Paris also known as shopping heaven for branded shop. Today is also day for shopping. You'll get shocked when you see how those people queue up and waiting for someone to serve them. People mountain, people see.

When you're walking around enjoying the view, time just flies. It's time for lunch again. There's nothing much to try as this is not our first day here. Besides, we were keeping our tummy for something special for dinner. Went for McD once again. Best companion when you can't think of what to eat.

I don't really remember what do we called this but you'll know this place if you did watch the famous movie, Da Vinci Code. One of the scene in the movie was taken place here.

After lunch, some exercise is good for health. Therefore, we decide to climb up Eiffel Tower instead of taking the elevator. I heard it was 777 steps but I think it was more than that. I'm almost out of breath when I reach the top. Not the peak of course.

Fantastic view from Eiffel Tower. You can see the whole Paris which makes me feel absolute wonderful. How I wish time could just stop that moment.

Lots of exercise, lots of look and see, finally we come to real business. Things that I had been waiting for. French Meal. The total original French meal.

First, for our starter we had this so called foie d'oie in french. I don't really like the taste of it. Feels weird when it melts in your mouth but it's something near to cheese.

After the goose liver here comes another main thing. The escargot. You'll never get to eat such fresh snail in Malaysia. It's totally awesome. You can even eat it with bread. Everyone have total satisfaction on this dish compare to the previous one. Mama mia!!~~

Comes to main course. I had chosen duck out of beef, chicken and fish. The duck was great. Better than beef. Somehow it is out of personal preference only.

Very full after the main course but that's not the end of it. Desserts to serve. No matter how full you are, dessert is still a must. I feel so much happiness after this meal. No more regrets in life. Food just enlighten me all the time.

Pictures and more pictures after the meal. It's our second final day. Not gona see them again after end of this trip. Picture is a memory captured thing to store every moment.

Enjoying so much. Love you guys. CHEERS~~


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