DAY 6 - Flooding Vernice

This is a fantastic day. A day when we come to this romantic city name Vernice. Somehow things doesn't turn out that good because of the rain. The rain just makes everything bad. I don't like, super duper don't like when rain comes. See how we wear. We were like pregnant ladies because of our bag. We were hiding our bag underneath our raincoat.

Luckily, the rain starts to get small when we reach Vernice. But still, very inconvenient to walk with umbrella around. And somehow the camera were not fully utilise too. Hard to capture on one hand and take umbrella on the other hand. haiz....

Vernice, a city that survive with water. Everything, almost everything have to be done by water. Transport, Cargo, Mail, you name it they almost have it using sea.

What are we waiting for this moment when the rain stops? The gondola service. We had been watching people touring around using gondola and now I, got the chance to tour around with gondola too. Here we comes.

I shall tell you, the man who roll the gondola was a very very professional man. I shall say he is a total expert. I was totally shocked out, shocked out when he tried to cross that bridge. He have to roll to the side, either left or right to avoid the front part of his gondola stuck on the bridge. Another things is DO NOT MOVE while you were on the gondola. You will affect the balancing of the gondola.

Nice view isn't it? Very impressive and amazed me. I just love it. Even though, I wouldn't choose to live here but I definitely like this place.

We are spending almost whole day around Vernice and finally we were heading back to the hotel. Which is quite far away. Around 3 to 4 hours I guess. But before that we have to take the boat out from Vernice back to part of Rome where the bus stopped.

Dinner of course. This night, dinner on our own. A cuisine that is quite memorable because of fascinating environment and this particular restaurant were good with beef. Will intro more about it on my food review later.

A tiring day at Rome. Will head to a place which is pretty holy the next day and very sunny. Watch out!


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