DAY 13 - Paris Disneyland

It's final day of my trip. We came to Disneyland to have great fun before everything ends. And I thought it was really a great ending. Able to come here is a long last dream because Disneyland is everyone's dream.

There's so much fun in there. A day is barely sufficient enough to enjoy and look at all Paris Disneyland. However, we did try our very best to go for every stop and play. Screams and photos all the way.

Parade is a must see. You will never ever gona miss the parade because that's the best part. You get to see all disney character on the parade. Get to wave at them and look at their performance. Fantastic!

I can only say we were having real fun there. Enjoy every moment in there. Enjoy every moment during the trip. Remember every single day, every experience and every sweet moment during the trip. Unforgettable memory of life experience.

The sunset that day was awesome, beautiful and superb. Somehow at the same time I feel there's a little sad in me too. I'm gona miss this place so much. Miss all the people and all the beautiful scene. Adios~


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