DAY 7 - Holy Vatican City & Romantic Rome

Early in the morning for the start we came to this holy city or better known as sovereign state for some people. The Vatican City. The sunny day is a real great start for us. At least this is better than yesterday the flooding Vernice. But somehow this day is very hot. While we were queueing to enter Vatican City, I am sweating. Can you believe it? Sweat for the first time for my whole Europe trip. Super duper hot. It's all worth it when you enter to this super holy place where the Pobe stays.

You'll definitely know this place if you did watch"Angels VS Demons", you will know it better.

The guard, simply different from others. They were doing their duty so do not try to go near them please.

Lovely architecture. I was really really amazed. Just like a kingdom but I don't see any stairs to second floor. Wanted to peep at Pobe's room.

Just a few minutes walk you are out of Vatican City and in Rome. Fantastic isn't it? Vatican is just inside Rome. Wondering could Vatican be a country but name Vatican City? Weirdo!!

Hot weather is just perfect for ice-cream. They had their famous Gelato. DO try it out. Much smoother because they were all handmade. Various flavours to pick.

Slowly walk down we passed by this place where everyone will come when they were in Rome. The wishing fountain. They had this myth saying that, when you make wish, do not face on the fountain. Make a wish, throw the coin from your left shoulder to the fountain behind and your wish will come true. How true it is? I don't know.

Rome is just pretty and great with all the buildings, statue they have. You'll be very very impress with it.

Another few minutes walk, not far from the wishing fountain you'll come to the famous Collosseum. Never ending pictures taking of course. If you wish, pay a little more and enter into this historical place.

It was really a satisfying day. Even weather was real hot but it was better than rain. We get to take lots lots of pictures and really satisfied. I enjoyed the day very very much and had a very memorable night. The next day was much more awesome. Stay tuned for more!


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