London Part I - 16/09/10-20/09/10

Finally reach London, slow down after 14 days touring. First impression does not really impress me because it was a total disaster. My luggage broke and we have to find our way to the hotel. Additionally, we were all real tired after a long day journey. Passer by doesn't seems to be helpful also and makes me really frustrated to see them walking in a real fast pace.

After settle down, we get to rest. A very tiring day that we din get to even see much of London. Not much worries on that as we had plan something the next day. Madame Tussauds our first stop.

Walking up the stairs and going through the red carpet makes me feel like a Hollywood star. I bet you gona be jealous of it but I just can't stop showing all the pictures that I had taken with all the famous stars. You'll be impress when you see how real it was. They really did a great job on it. It was like "WOW" upon entering the door.

Johnny Depp
Shah Ruk Khan
Tiger Woods
Michael Jackson (MJ)
President Barrack Obama
It was enjoyable moment in Madame Tussauds. We head down London city to look at their view who may impress us more. It didn't turn us down. We did get to see lots of nice and interesting building.

The best moment is sitting in the very famous double deck london bus. Don't you know london bus is a historical legend.

London is famous with its bridges and night view. So, we take this opportunity to look at London romantic night view. Maybe season is changing to autumn, we can feel the air breeze is turning cold and everyone seems to get sick.

However, when we look at the pretty and beautiful view of London, we feel it is all worth it. It will be a regret if we miss out this fascinating view.

This is tower bridge not London bridge. London bridge is just some where near but nothing extra ordinary like we thought.

The second day we are real early but then we still can't fight with the crowd. Seems like these tourist is even earlier than us to watch this change guard session at Buckingham Palace. We had been standing there under the sun for more than an hour but we can't really see something except of guard marching.

After that, we head down to Talfagar Square. I don't even know what is it about but the monument there really makes me feel AWESOME and makes me feel so tiny especially the big lion.

Not forget to pose for picture. Lovely building should have lovely lady to come with it. ahahahah...Just joking. I just love how the building builds.

Every where is just walking distance away. After Talfagar Sqaure we reach Big Ben. I don't know what is so special about this big clock but somehow this is one of the tourist attraction.

London eye. People queue up just to have a try on London eye. They have this saying, you can see most beautiful view when you were on London Eye. For me everywhere is the same.

China town, a place that we had our dinner most of the time. It was really impressive. I love how they decorate it. Makes me feel warm because I feel like home when walk through China street.

London was great. I did enjoy my time there with my bunch of gangs. I enjoy every moment with them and that's our last stop and we are going separate way after that. They really bring me lots of fun and leisure. Hope to see you bunch again!


Anonymous said…
ermm bush or barrack obama?
-pEi- said…
so sorry
i just realise that
i'm missing bush a little

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