DAY 8 - Pretty Florence & Leaning tower, Pisa

Beautiful day, lovely weather and we were in this pretty place, Florence. This day everything seems to be so perfect. May be because I have pretty mood. I am in total good mood. I am having so much fun. I am really enjoying myself. People call this place pretty because Florence is a fantastic place. Because of the name they called it SHE instead of IT anymore.

This place was full of statue. The most statue you can found and everywhere was just more statue. Another thing is genuine leather. They had this market that sell all the leather goods. Bags, belts, shoes, anything you named it they have it.

Somehow, tour guide told us she is famous with her Tiramisu too so we wanted to give it a bite. Definitely awesome but others were truly disappointing.

One of the famous statue, Leonardo Davinci. To be frank, I know him but don't know what is he famous of. Too bad. But I totally know this man.

There was this road that we passed by and there were full of pad locks. Different sizes, small, big and total huge. There was something written on it. Now I know. A symbol of love. When you put a pad lock there, it symbolize you and your partner to be lock together forever. Never ever apart. So lovely isn't it? I wanted to lock one of mine on it as a memory for Florence but somehow I had no names to put on.

After Florence we will be heading down to the famous leaning tower, Pisa. On the way there was a total surprise from all the coach mate. I was shocked an announcement was made for my birthday. I am pretty shocked and happy at the same time. They were bunch of cute mates and lovely. Really appreciate what they had gave me. Big surprise and memorable birthday. Party all night long of course.

Lots lots of tourists were there busy taking pictures with this weird leaning tower. Why is it leaning and not straight instead? Some get to climb up there but not for me. I am not interested in such thing but maybe an architect would be. Someone did ask me a question too. "Did you measure how lean it is?" =.='''

Posing with it, is of course a must. No one will never take at least a picture with it, with the post that they wanted. I did take a lot too but somehow this is the one I love most!



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