DAY 3 - Chilling day at Luxembourg & Heidelberg

Weather turns colder on the third day of our journey. Everyone seems to talk with smoke out from their mouth. Just like smoking.

Our first stop is at Luxembourg. Nothing very impressive when come to this point. Lots of buildings with almost the same architecture as the previous one doesn't really amazed me anymore. However, I am more curious to find out what food they have in this city.

They had great ice-cream too. I think we are always acting the other way round because the weather was so damn cold and we are still having ice-cream. Enjoying moment having ice-cream with cold weather but it was really sunny too.

Local pastries was hummy yummy. they had sweet and salty ones. I can never imagine pastries in salty flavor. I used to taste those sweet ones instead of the salty one. But indeed it taste great too. Those who loves cheese gona love it for real.

Done with Luxembourg, we head down to Heidelberg. They have quite nice view too, especially when you climb up to the cathedral. You can see almost the whole view of Heidelberg. I shall tell you from the first place, the cathedral is not easy to climb. The stairs getting stiff and the tunnel getting small. I'm almost out of breath when I reach the peak.

After our dinner at local chinese cuisine restaurant, we rush down to the nearest beer bar. They have fascinating way of serving beer, big metal barrel. Almost everyone of us did try out. At least a few sip to try on local taste beer. Smoother than what we had in Malaysia, besides that nothing more.

The chilling does not stop here. We had something more at night. The night does not just end that way. We brought some red wine from their local shops and tried out too. Impressively it turns out really great. I am enjoying it. Chill out always feels good.

All of us are having great fun that night. We were going mad crazy. Maybe because of the alcohol that we consume. It makes us goes high and real crazy. Did a lot of stupid thing which I find it funny when I recalled it back. A very interesting experience of life. We call it a night when we finish 2 bottles of wine. Awaiting for another brand new day to starts. Another brand new journey to explore.


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