23rd Birthday - 10th September 2010

This is long delay post that I should have post last month. Somehow I had too much to write and too much to share and that's why this post was delayed till now. There's so much of appreciation in me during this special day. I'm so glad I had all this bunch of crazy mates to celebrate my fantastic day. They really surprise me again and again. I'm really having fun from the very start to the end of the day.

A gift from the guys. They are so sweet to ready a gift for me. So nice of them. At the same time, our coach driver, Dennis give me a nice warm hug and kiss on the cheek. Lovely isn't it?

Party time after dinner. Our tour guide had been really generous provide us all the drinks that night. A few bottle of red wine and also champagne. It really enlighten me and makes me feel warm and feel touch in heart.

Moment I had been waiting for. Photographs session. I get to take picture with everyone and I really mean every each of them. Even not single but at least in a group too.

My room mate. We are wearing the same jersey that makes us the twins of the night.

I am total reddish apple. I am little dizzy but not drunk. Enjoying my big day but somehow someone drank more than I do. See how drunk he was.

Group photo for a great end. A few take for a few different groups. Hope they had same fun like I do.


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