DAY 10 - Mount Titlis

Remember I said I was at a very nice nice hotel the night before? Awesome view and fantastic weather. However, my mood was pretty shitty since day 9. Forget about that and continue with my euro trip to Switzerland.

We were now at Mount Titlis. The trip that I had been waiting for so so long. I always wanted to see snow. See, touch and even taste maybe. hahahahaha

The view was totally awesome. It's not easy for me to described. Look at the picture and it will tell it all. Picture says a thousand word.

Snow makes me joy. I start to gathered the snow and make snow man. Snow man, Snow man. I just love snow man because before this I can only watch it through TV and now I'm able to make it with my own hand.

At first, I thought it should be very cold but somehow not as what I expected. The sun was bright but not hot, still can feel cool breeze. The weather was just nice.


I just love the snow man. He is so cute. We made it as he instead of she.

A group photo with guy half naked. Wana proof that they are tough enough to stand with the cold weather.

Looks like a group of dancer isn't it? They were truly awesome especially the 2 in front rows. Seems like break dance.

Time for lunch. We were having our lunch right up there. Eating and enjoying food and having great view of the snow mountain.

We had been spending for more than 4-5 hours up there before going down snow mountain.

While on our way down in the cable car I saw this gorgeous man. He is just awesome. I don't know him but he is so kind to allow me to grab a picture with him. I just love taking pictures with western man, police especially. Hahahahah... We just chit chat and he is from Romania. A very lovely guy. Too bad we can't keep in touch but a picture will be very memorable.


Really this is very nice collection..these all pics is looking very nice..beautiful post..thanks for sharing here..
-pEi- said…
Thanks for dropping by and I am loving this collection too. Missing Swiss much too!!

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