DAY 9 - Milan fashion City & Lucerne Area

Day just passed and time just flies. It comes to day 9 already. Another 4 more days to end of my euro trip. We are here in Milan today. If you love fashion, you have this passion in fashion you'll definitely know that Milan is the fashion city. You can get all the branded stuff here. The most fashionable cloths here. As long as latest fashion, you'll find it here. All in Milan.

A very arrogant building that have all the branded shop lots in there. This is so called the high street mall. Definitely different from what we had in Malaysia. You will be enjoying shopping in such kinds of environment.

Every building was so well build. The building below was made from marble. Such fascinating and all the details were incredibly design and managed.

Bird feeding is one of the must too when you were in Europe. Pigeon were everywhere. The pigeon don't even scare of you like birds in Malaysia. They will just come nearer when they know you had food. So beware of them! They were MAD with food!

We spent more than half day over at Milan but end up I bought nothing at all. Haiz~ Continue our journey down to Lucerne again. The view along the trip was interesting. Even just normal but really fantastic. Just like scene on picture. Believe me, you'll love it!!

See how beautiful the scenery is? More fantastic with those 3 ladies isn't it? hahahahaha

I just love emo picture. Brings out mysterious in it. Brings out some sort of message in it. Just love it.

We were still here in Switzerland. This hotel was fabulous. Their food was mama mia, ALAS GOOD! Lovely environment too. Full with all those animal skin that the owner itself hunt, really western style I would say.

View from my room. Truly fantastic. Sitting at the balcony with my jacket on, a beer on hand and look at the sky with stars. OMG!! Truly awesome and superb!! That's what I've done that night. Muah~ Just another satisfaction.


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