DAY 5 - Innsburk & Veneto Region

Remember I said that I was at this wonderful hotel named Cube Hotel. Behind it was fascinating view. You can see lots of the gorgeous Alpine mountain that we are heading soon. The mountain that cover with snow and you will see the mountain peak that reach above cloud.

I get to take a picture with our lovely coach driver, Dennis. He is a lovely Germany man. He always help me around and really makes me feel warms in heart.

When we were on our way down, we pass by this awesome lake. We get to stop by and have few snap of pictures. Really fantastic even just a small lake but their view was superb. Great lake with crystal clear water.

Our first destination will be Innsbruck. This place have nothing much but we came over for one thing. Guess what?

SWAROVSKI is the answer. You can find nice and cheap swarovski here. At least cheaper than Malaysia.

This is the golden roof which is quite famous at Innsbruck. I don't really know the history behind it but somehow every tourist were taking at least a snap of it.

It's lunch time again. Time just flies when we were having fun. We came across this small cafe with great ambiance. Loving it and their food taste great too. Special I would say. Acceptable for asian.

Another 30 minutes walk after lunch. We head down to Veneto region after Innsbruck. Nothing impress me thou except the birth place of Juliet. A very famous character since decades ago.

This is a statue of her. But why there is no Romeo? I wonder where Romeo goes.


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