DAY 2 - Lovely Kinderdijk Windmill and Super Duper Belgium

The second day was much better. I know we were still on tight scheduled but at least we get to sleep on bed and have some rest. Upon reaching this amazing windmill, everyone camera flash was clicking non-stop. It was too beautiful, too beautiful to described with words.

The windmill is one of the world heritage site since 1997. They have 19 windmills built all together at this precious land.

We then head down to Antwerp. A city of Holland I guess, which I never ever heard before. Nothing much special except nice food. Antwerp famous with their fries but not the potatoes but their sauce. Get a quick grab and have a quick taste. That's what you have to train to do. Time is precious during tour.

After photo taking we head down to next destination, Brussels. Brussels, a city of Belgium. The beer fest just begun and we are lucky enough to have all the people around the world to gather around and enjoying every sip of beer. People here are real drinkers. They don't get drunk and drink beer like having tap water.

The waffle is one of their local delicacies which you should grab a bite. Varieties of choice for you to choose. Do you know Mannikin Pis is Brussels mascot? Don't know what I'm saying? Scroll down and look it for yourself.

They have amazing building. Another place that amazed me after Holland. Somehow much more attracting than Holland itself.

I shall say people there enjoying life to the fullest. A must try mussels soup. Thumbs up for it. I never ever tried a mussels but it taste MAMMA MIA!! Even a friend of mine who never ever get his tongue to try on such weird food he find it pretty tasty. Have your leg on such land, please do try on their local food. Bet you will never regret.

Brussels was rather attracting. Having so much fun drinking and eating the whole day. That's how my measurement gets higher by each day. More to come.......Stay Tuned!


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