Another year gone and how much had you done and appreciate in life? Father's Day is back and I don't know how is it going on back at my hometown, Miri.

People are celebrating mother's day tremendously huge and why not father's day? Have you ever wondered? Because child and kids are always closer to mum? No, I don't think so. I had lots of example around me that most of them are closer with dad and most of them are daughters.

My dad is a tough looking man. For me he looks cool and had to approachable. Additionally since we were born my dad was not around us due to his work at somewhere else. He never really fetch us back from school too BUT he did spend some time to entertain us and bring us to seasides and playground.

He is really a good daddy. As growing elder he is likely to speak with us but I will always talk to him something that he is interested on, like cars, eletronic stuff. We will have more to talk on when comes to something he likes. Personally think this is better than nothing at all.

Upsetly I am not going to celebrate it again this year. However, I never forget because far from eyes but close in heart. Hope he would have a great father's day today. Last but not least, Happy Father's Day to all PaPa, Daddy and DAD!!!


dasolve said…
Happy Papa's Day!!!

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