Surprise and More Celebration

I think Shirley's birthday is a great one this year except of some unexpected ruuined of planned by some of the guys. Forget about it. We still have many nice memory and having great time together. Let the photos bring out the lovely time we spend together.
The night before we wanted to gave her surprise but somehow it doesn't work because Garry were talking to her during we rand the doorbell.

After that, all of them having fun time with all the games. UNO STACKO is the hit game of the night. They are playing it madly and cheating of course. But some of they are having fun out of it. The laughter of the night means everything and shows everything. They are happy and enjoying.
See they are cheating in playing. Three people are playing for one.
On the afternoon, we planned to surprise her but somehow runied up by all those guys again....haihz..... =.='''
It was a nice one and we are having fun.

The second cake of her birthday and also her favorite birthday cake. Really hope she loves it and we had put lots of effort in it.
Opening the champagne is a must since it is included. I really love this moment because this means it is a precious moment of all. I don't know why but somehow I just like it.
Group phto before we left. I don't know much of them but as long as Shir's is happy then I am happy too cause she is my best best buddy.
We, the girls group photo? Ain't we looks gorgeous??? Hahahahha...but we really did had lots of fun. I feel better with all of them even I am sick on the day.
Me and Shirley best best buddy before we went home. Love her so much and wish she will be happy and cute forever!!!


Flying_Ukui said…
which 1 is shirley's bf? :)
-pEi- said…
in your mind which one would it be???
Flying_Ukui said…
my mind dunno dats y i ask ma... haha.. nvm la.. dun want let u play me like dis haha i noe who liao... saw at garry's blog.. LOL
CkY said…
生日快乐! 噢?
-pEi- said…
they purposely wrote that,....
not bad huh ur eye sight
shirley. said…
haha.. love ya too gal~~
CkY said…
hahaha......coz the different is too big leh both letter !!

*what shirley want to said leh ???
stupid me lah........

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