It is kind of normal that I am cooking but somehow this is the first time I get to cook for my lovely friends. This is unplanned one. Previously I did mentioned that I wanted to cook for them but due to some circumstances the planned had been cancelled.

I was really happy although I think I did screwed up something during all the dishes being cook. But some how it is a satisfaction when seeing them eating all the food that I cook which I don't know whether they like it or not. I did not say that they don't like it or like it but somehow taste is something very personal isn't it?

Did not get to take the picture for the whole session because it was quite messy and I am busy of course. hahahaha...

Menu of the day :
1. Steam Fish
2. Vegetables
3. Steam tauhu
4. Baked Beans
5. Lotus Soup

Would like to try some of my cooking? Email me. Hahahahaha but I would like to said something in advance. I only cook some home dishes and not something complicated that the chef does.......


sharontanady said…
Yum.. smells good, haha
steamed tauhu looks nice,

Happy Cooking :)

Sharon Tanady

Home Cooking Secret
-pEi- said…
Thanks a lot for the compliment.
Ya the tauhu taste good too, just for me personally.
I love food that are simple and yet healthy.
funfun said…
my dear... where's mine...
i also want le...
sze said…
yeeeeeeeeee..din invite me go to eat..sob sob sob..
-pEi- said…
coz i din inform them too
so i just bought everything and poof here i am on their doorstep ma sze...

next time lo k???

when u come over my place i cook for u for sure
funfun said…
ok... u say de ooo...
hehe... :)

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