Most of my close friend know that I am a free person nowadays.
So what I have to do staying at home everyday?
I am trying to find a job but too bad that economic downturn seems to hardly get a job.
My dearest buddies are too good. They get me some drama too watch. I am so happy and love you all so much Shirley AND Song Song.

This drama series here is so so nice. It is a Hong Kong drama. Maybe I was too bored that's why I think it is nice and bring up lots of morale value. Watch it and you will know it.

Second of all, the things I will go through everyday is going into facebook. I am playing several games these days because one no longer satisfied my boredom. I played Barn Buddy. Just stsrted not long ago but not really catching my attention as the restaurant city is.
The other game is recommended by Shirley dear, Pet Society. This is not bad too. Visiting friend's pet and then feed, play and clean them up. Buying cloths and also furniture to furnish the pet home is kinda intersting too but have to gain more money before can get all the stuff I want in it. AZA!! AZA!!

Restaurant City is which I enjoy the most. I get to look at my restaurant. Get ingredient everyday to have more meal in my menu. Get to watch over my employees and get to buy them cloths to symbolise the restaurant. Furnished my restaurant to make it looks better and make sure it is clean that satisfied the customer. The part I love most is the quiz of the day and also getting up level. Play it and you will know the fun!


= FLoReNcE = said…
The HK series very nice. I like the Cai Gao Gor so much. Hahahha

But too bad he died in the last episode.
-pEi- said…
ya i like the statement he said : '人生有多少个十年'
Barn Buddy! Since I received plenty of invites for that game in facebook, I accepted them all & just begun to play; am a noob. lol
-pEi- said…
angel dear,
i believe u will get into the game once u r familiar with it

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