SHAKEY PIZZA - Jaya Jusco Branch

I love food and who doesnt isn't it?
I can consider myself not a choosey person when comes to food.
I went to Jaya Jusco, Setapak Area few hours ago and had lunch with my sister since I had noting to do at home.
For sure we gona had our lunch first because I was damn hungry and it was already about 1.30pm.

We went to this Shakey Pizza to try their set lunch that seems kinda interesting from their menu that they put on their doorside. Somehow it is kinda affordable as economic downturn everyone is trying to make business good and offering cheaper set meal.
We went in and wait for about 10 minutes before someone served us.
Alright this is not a big deal since it is lunch time so I do not blamed that on such small matter.
After we had ordered, it takes about another 20 minutes just for them to served our drinks.
In mind, I thought how do this people gona work? Does it take so long for even to serve a cup of drinks?
Alright, this doesn't really matter too. We had been waiting and waiting and our food is not even served yet. Now I am really getting mad.
I guess, we had been waiting for about 35-40 minutes to get our food served. I was really really hungry.
The look was fine but when you taste it OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never taste such un-eatable food. I repeat, it was really HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! and I really mean horrible.
The chicken was tasteless. The rice was simply ridiculous to cook such a way and the mushroom soup doesnt taste like one. Even the 100 plus I ordered taste like plain water with gas.
Me and my sis were whispering to each other that this is the first time and would also be the last.

How can they served their customer with such food? Because of economic downturn they had their price increase and also quality going down? Doens't worth the price I guess.
I will never ever enter into any SHakey Pizza outlet anymore!! It is a big cross for me!! If i had my camera with me I woud take every single picture of it!! I am really mad!!!!!!!!!!!!


omg, that sounds horrible. Thanks for the warning dear, I'll never go to that eatery if I happen to visit Setapak.
funfun said…
wah... the food really so BAD ar...
luckily i never go n taste it... if not i think i will be more angry than u...
u have save me from that... haha...

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