iPhone Lovers

Are you iPhone Lovers? If you are, this would definitely be a good news for you.
apple is launching iPhone of better series? You would think what it is so special?
This coming to launch iPhone would be named as iPhone 3G S.
Apple had never named its product which any alphabetical included behind the name of its product. The 'S' actually means speed.
The new iPhone is actually more consumer friendly in terms of SPEED. Besides that, there is much more feature and function such as the camera and video function is included compare to the previous one. This is one of the tactic to attract more consumers and also a way to encourage consumer to buy on the economic downturn.
Attracting the customers is the price. It only cost $99 (from the news). Could you believe it? It is only $99 and equals to RM 360??????? I wonder how much difference is the price when the real product launch in Malaysia.
Wish for better phone? Consider about newly launch iPhone which will release worldwide on 19 June 2009.
Visit their site for more information.


.:.EVAmaechu.:. said…
good improvement on dat... but y they forget bout the camera??? huh~
-pEi- said…
ya they did add in the camera and also video function
they even allow the video to be send as sms directly through the phone
i think i should add in more detail
carrol said…
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