Do you know that photography can be a good activities too?
I know photography is not a bad one and I did not mean that photography does any harm to anyone.
What I am going to say is coming this big event that will be held this coming weekend.
Well known photographer of Malaysia, Chooi Loon will held a shooting event this weekend.
The theme is '不要用有色眼镜' which means treating others and seeing them in different ways.
Those who are incapable have the right to be treated fair and equal too.
It is meaningful and bring out the exact point of people no matter what status, what race, should be treated fair and just.
So this event is actually open to all who are interested. All are welcome.

Venue : Bukit Jalil
Time : 1000 am
Photographer : Chooi Loon
Model : Incapable person
Theme :'不要用有色眼镜'


dasolve said…
This should be one of the most meaningful event for years!
-pEi- said…
ya it is....

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