Had you heard about this video call HOME?
Do you know what is it all about?
I watched it last night at 8TV. It was a production of how human had been destroying the nature and how fast we are doing it. To be true it was rather boring for me to watch such video as me myself can't believe that I was sitting for about one and a half hour to watch that in the middle of the night.
Do you know where is your home? Everyone have and share the same home no matter which country we are living. No matter how far we are apart from each other. The place we called HOME is earth. The very same land that all of us are standing on.
This video is more like a documentary show but it is more than that.
More information had been given and details shown in this video.
Watching through this video makes me really astonished and shocked with the number in it.
Human also known as homosapiens had been existed 200 thousand years ago but had rapidly destroying the nature.
There is many facts that we know but never realise. There are things we see but never keep in heart.
It is never too late to start to save the world. Save our HOME for our next generation.
Watch it to BELIEVE it!!!


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