Memorable Marathon Outings

Few days back I had met up with Donna before she was heading back to Edmonton. This will be the final gathering before we get to meet her again in 5 YEARS!! YES you definitely see it right. It's 5 years. Isn't that too long? Donna, you know we going to go insane.......

Put that aside for the moment. We were meeting up her with bunch of buddies. Yun Hao was there too since he just arrived at KL from Miri. Bet he was damn tired. Our very first destination is Lowyat. Her whole family were there to keep her and her sister accompany and also did some shopping. She bought external drive for 1 Terra for herself as she had lots of picture to put. Bought a few of thumb drive that looks cute like her.

After that we head to Sungei Wang, the hottest destination to do some shopping for GIRLS but weekends is definitely a NO!!!!!!!!! WHY? Because it is full of people and you will be pack like sardine fish instead of able to buy something. Time is wasted at road, queuing and most horrifying the traffic jammed.

The next destination after that is MidValley. We just walk around and have some window shopping but we did bought something too. DURIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe asian do love these because durian is King of the fruit. Personally I think it symbolise truly asian because only asian loves durian!!!
After whole day long finally we shall carved for some food. We were eating at some open air restaurants but those feels good. We were chit chatting more than having our food because we tend to talk much more than we used to.
See how much Donna loves the durian. SHe gonna miss it so so much!!!!
One thing for sure we can't miss out even we were eating. Time for posing LADIESSS!!!! This is taken by Donna, She does have the skill isn't it? AGREE? Yeah~
Donna, Shirley, -pEi-, Song & Sze
We are finally back to the apartment where the family are staying after few hours of shopping, walking, watching and eating. This is the time where all of us get crazy-ness, mad-ness with no worries as no one were looking at us. No one will cares how funny we look like and of course we are all the same GANG!!!
Donna & Shirley
We are going wild with the whole photo-ING session. I think you will see how enjoying we were from the picture. PICTURE SAYS A THOUSAND WORD! There were hundreds of them but some of them would make you laugh out loud so better keep it for own viewing...hahahahaha

That's when we called it a day after lots of crazy things been done. We went back about at midnight but we were planning for some surprise for the lovely girl Donna. We were going to be at the airport to give her surprise and make her cried. Who knows all of us ended up with tissue. No pictures for this moment as we all or to say I looks really awful and tired.
We gonna miss you so so much Donna. Take good care of yourself and make sure you will keep us update with your latest news.


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