Goverment is trying to change some of the rules and regulations to those who wish to get their very first license.

They were trying to considered to change the L car that is the learning driving examination into AUTO instead of MANUAL. Those who used outo car to get the driving license can only use auto car instead of manual when they started to drive. Of course there is always another option.

People can also choose to examine by manual car and the license that they get can be used for both auto and manual car of course. This is the advantages of getting the manual driving license. Do you think it is applicable in Malaysia? There is always pros and cons of everything.
Personally I think this is a better solution for more kopi-o license. People used to get kopi-o license because they find it hard to actually drive with manual. So basically this is a solution out of it. As we can see too, more and more people nowadays used to have auto car more than manual car so I wouldn't see there would be any problem to apply this in Malaysia.

However, country like Australia are using this kind of rules too for drivers to get their license. So far everything seems to go on smoothly. Do you agree ot not? It is up for Malaysia to decide.


I am always a fan of manual cars... more control in gear power...

If the system goes into this way, then I can agree....
lasapka said…
they want to make those future kids dont know how to drive a manual to have less drifter on the road. lol
-pEi- said…
humble servant,
I agree with u and I had passion inmanual cars too....

yala...coz teenagers nowadays really hard to control than the olden days

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