Digi is getting concern on the people around them. They are helping those in needs and saving lives. I saw this through nuffnang and I am proud to be one of the Digi user. Digi had came up with this campaign called ' For Those who Love to Save '.

Sounds interesting isn't it? Many of us I believe would think how to save more but instead it is how you can save others just with one click. Digi needs your help just to click and they will donate every RM 5 to the organisation that you had chosen. Even though you are not one Digi user, still you can help them by clicking in here.

Until today ( 24 June 2009, 9am) , RM 95, 015 had been raised but Digi's target amount is RM 150,000. For those who wanted to help please don't think twice of it anymore. It doesn't really cost you anything except your time. You have 7 more days to go and believe it, you can make a difference!


志兴™ said…
wa deh.... thinking back i'm the one who thought you blogging leh.. now you're more advanced already lo... have to teach me some blogging skills le
-pEi- said…
herm...I start blogging I don't know you yet
but i remember we actually found out we have the same skin when i told u I am blogging....
but anyway, thanks for dropping and tats not teaching but maybe learning together....

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