First Job

Finally after searching for months and months and FINALLY, FINALLY I found a job.
I think it is really not easy to get a job nowadays some more the economic downturn more or less is affecting the market.
My job its not a very high position but instead I feel gratitude enough to get one because it is better for me to just spend and waste time at home facing the four walls and also my laptop everyday.
Really makes me feel useless. So this job will help me to spend my time wisely because I am going to earn some income and my free time before I really sit for my exam on January which is still a long LONG way to go.
Hopefully it would be a great start and I hope things go smooth for my part time job!


sze said…
Congrats, pei..
Hope u do well..hehe..
-pEi- said…
thanks sze
i will
Flying_Ukui said…
u din mention... wat job position u working as?
-pEi- said…
coz its just a part time job
just a simple data entry position at 1U
dasolve said…
work hard mui :)

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