I had a fever yesterday when I woke up yesterday morning. I was so scared and nervous because I had little bit of sore throat too. This makes me half chance to be a H1N1 patient. H1N1 is spreading fast and seriously all over the world and nevertheless Malaysia.

That morning I quickly SMS my friend and with they help I went to the nearest clinic to seek for doctor's consultation. It is definitely a tense moment because I was sick when virus is all over the air and H1N1 is getting serious. Everyone would have think that when they are facing this kind of situation.

I wear mask all the way and people were looking at us as if we were really infected by H1N1. But no matter how people look at me, I think precautions step should be taken instead of spreading it wide. I don't want to spread all the virus to the people around me.

During the consultation I was so so nervous and worried. However the doctor was really hilarious and makes joke. He is definitely making me feel better. He can't tell whether I was infected but I just had a slight fever. He gave me a better medicine and hopes I will recovered the day after.

I am feeling better today with no fever but slightly cough today. I am hoping to recover soon so that I am not part of the H1N1 ! Be very serious ion this Influenza A and make sure you wash your hands often and take precautions step whenever is necessary!


Take care, dear
-pEi- said…
I will my dear
You have to take care too
CkY said…
anyway !!! i hear doctor said H1N1 no die de woh !??!?!?!

so don't worries lah !!!
-pEi- said…
u duno theres some cases of H1N1 causes death already in some country???
CkY said…
that y i said !??!!?!?!?
loh !!!!

maybe the doctor dont want us scare gua !!!!

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