RIP Michael Jackson

This morning as usual I was on my way to work for my second day. Nothing real attracts me until I heard something really makes me astonished! Michael Jackson, the moonwalk legend was DEAD! Can you believe it? What I mean is this is all such a sudden and everything seems to come really without any sign.

Micheal Jackson is one of the legendary icon that had been bringing lots of historical moment to the entertainment industry. Although he might had created lots of news and cases that had made him looks bad but for me he is still a person to be respect of.

He had heart attack yesterday and was sent over to the hospital after unconscious for few hours. Doctor officially announced his dead yesterday afternoon. He was only a 50 year old man. He definitely looks young for his age. His black parade definitely will be a big event for the people and also his fans! REST IN PEACE MICHAEL JACKSON!

( more sources : the star )


dasolve said…
He will be remembered always

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