27 October is actually a public holiday at West Malaysia and NOT East Malaysia. Why is that?? It is because we have more indians here than East Malaysia do. So it is a public holiday. Did not plan for any outings or shopping because kinda lazy to go out and pack with other people la.....

At night, my classmates called me to go for bowling!! I was so excited because it had been ages since I last play bowling so I agreed and we reach at Times Sqaure Ampang Super Bowl at about 10pm.

The environment in the bowling court is not bad and lots of people playing too.

tiNNy & -pEi-

yIppIe~~~ time for game...we are having great time and it is indeed a nice one too
It actually remind me of the time I was at Miri and playing with GD dear.

Not much picture as we are focus on playing and also aiming the pins. Hehe...lastly, I get the highest score of the day..kinda happy tho......=)
It is not end of the night yet, we continue to play pool which is ready at the bowling court.
This is my first time playing pool for this whole life till now.hehehehe
There's always first time isn't it??
Professional in RED shirt and STRIPE shirt is teaching us how to play.....

How was my post?? OK ma??
Not bad huh for newbies like me @.@'''
The Chalk that use to rub the stick which I don't know what it called...

My post..Looks pro ma???
In the end so many time trying but still end up no ball into the hole....=.='''

No no...Not the end yet...we come something just next to the pool table that is what guys usually play during their school time...tatatatatata~~~~~~~~

And can you believe it this is also the first time I play this. I had never played this before because I never like football and not even interested in it.

But not bad, I still get to try it and there will be less regret of my life...hahaha....
Did get to make some goal but some I even kick it to my own goal.....=.=''''
I think I really can be a football player....hehehe

That's it for us to call it a day. I reach home at about 1 am in the morning but it is a short but nice game day!!


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