It is a free day for us so we decide to go around and have a look and shop around. Of course food is something we must have everyday so how can we miss out to eat leh?? This time we went to Gasoline and have our lunch!! How can we forget to camwhore right??

yoyo & -pEi-
This is what I really call black & white!!
winnie & yoyo
This is how it looks like in Gasoline!! The light is quite dim so I can't really get great shot even with or without the flash.

Sweet Sour Rice
It taste not bad, the sour taste actually makes u have better appetite to continue eating it!!!
Thai Style Rice
This is of course spicy. Its spice and a little sweet taste. Not bad tho from what my friend say so I think it should be fine for those who love a little spicy and not too overwhelming taste!!
Canto Yin Yong
Hehehe..I always like to get somthing sounds speacial and weird.
It taste not bad with fried kueh tiaw and also the dried mee hoon!! Somehow the gravy is a little tasteless in sense of no other taste except too salty!!!

Last but not least, some picture of the day!!!!


i thought you drink gasoline....i got petrol,you want try?
-pEi- said…
haha..nola its just a restaurant name la..they have lots of branch too...
snowswallow said…
Haha..I thought you were buying gasoline or something related to gasoline...

What a weird name for an eatery place.. :)
-pEi- said…
yeah but indeed that place is not bad...
try it out at sg wang or times square when u come over!!!

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