TeamGD a.k.a cync haRpiE BurfyDaY!!!!

It is TeamGD a.k.a cync birthday!! Eventhough we had not know each other for not too long and we just met each other for only three times but we had great and fun time together while we hang out. She is a very cute girl isn't she? She is nice, she is funny, she is hilarious and she is just simply gorgeous!! This is the picture we take together. Tryong to edit and make it looks a bit nicer hope cync will like ot. I had not much picture with her but it will going to have tonnes of it when I am back there.
Here we are the picture of me and cync and WISH u Haappiiiii Birthdiya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is nothing much that I can give you but hope you will have a great year ahead and enjoy your birthday tonight because it is your night and special for you (ladies night)!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahahahahaha....


cync said…
thank you my dear pei pei for all these!! *hughug kisskiss*

appreciate everything, dear! >.<

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