Simple 6 alphabets but great impact on everyone.
Everyone have different definition for this word.
What is future?? Your LIFE, your CAREER, your EARNINGS???
This is broad that it doesn't have a specific one definition but depends on one perception and thought.
Can actually tomorrow consider as future?? Yes of course!! Why not??
1year is a short future ahead, 5 years, 10 years or 20years, it is just a matter of time. How long it is the future will takes.
It is actually something that we can't see or predict and even know today isn't it??
We don't even know how long will us live. We might not be in this world anymore tomorrow or even any minute of today.
We can only plan, forecast and hope for it.
Does it mean a high educated person will ensure better future??
Does it mean not well educated does not have future??
Does it mean prisoners have no future??
Does it mean incapable person have no future??
NO!! The answer is always NO!! It is because like I said previously, we don't know what will happen next or future.
In this moment we might me living but the next moment we might not even in this world anymore. So how can we say that, " I have bright future!"
It is just an assumption that had been made but we could not make it 100% sure.
So, everything done should be put in 100% effort, everything have to been done with our best effort so there's no regret.
Somehow the results and outcome is never that important but the overall process is rather more important for us to really look into it!!!


goolooloo said…
You'll definitely see the result if you really put 100% effort into it. :) That's life, ntg is perfect, but we learn from time to time.

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