ONE DAY Genting Trip

Our class 2ABM5 had planned to go Genting. We planned for one day trip and it is really a nice and great one. We had planned to start our Journey at 0830am at OLD TOWN CAFE. Of course we have to have our breakfast first isn't it??? hehehhe....
This will be a post full of pictures, so pictures will do most of the presentation than I do.
Curry Prawn Mee
OLDTOWN Twin White Shake
It is realy bitter. Not even single taste of sweet. But overall still not bad but I don't think I will go for the second time at the moment. I might suit for some coffee lovers.

Kaya & Butter Toast ( double)
The taste of the bread, butter and Kaya is simply just marvellous and nice. It is just like everything just combine together with one, with different taste.

The guys chit chatting even having breakfast.....?-?


I guess after about half an hour or 45 minutes of travel we reach half way of the mountain.
We plan to visit this temple.

-pEi-, tiNNy, VickY, Linda & LiLi

Successfully reach Level 9 of the tower.

See how stiff the road is?? Especially when the mist is more serious.

The guys acting again!!! =.='''
-pEi- & Teck Meng
Vicky & -pEi-
Vicky, -pEi- & tiNNy
Another group pic of GaL
One of the scene you will see when you go to the section which call "Road To The Enlightement"

Guys group photo which imitate the Monkey King
I saw this car...GT R

Our group photo again!!!
This is the only game I play while I was in the casino for whole day because.............
I don't GAMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then at about 9pm we went for dinner at Mushroom Farm. They say they have speciality in their mushroom!!!

Fried Tauhu

It is a nice one. The tauhu had added mushroom slice which made the Tauhu more nice.

I don't know what is this called but it taste little like long bean and cooking with chilli makes you have more appetite and might want for another bite.
Seaweed Soup

Did not take the whole big bowl because the serve in small bowl for the 12 of us!!!

Sweet & Sour Chicken

This is something we will always ask for when we had meal together. A mixture of taste makes it the favorite dishes of the night for me..hehehe

Thai Style Fish

This is recommend by the lady boss there. Not bad I think but I don't like to eat big fish because for me the meat doesn't taste that better. But overall is not bad tho.

Such a happy post how can I miss out my camwhore pic leh??? hehehehehe


dasolve said…
wah... i want to go!
dasolve said…
by the way i think it is Thai style fish instead of chicken?

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