Holiday is Over!!!

Holiday started 2 weeks ago, from 19th September till 5th October, that is the date of today!!! My holiday ends today but I still in a holiday mood because I wish to enjoy longer holiday but I am so confused at the same time because I wish class and new semester will start soon. I wanted longer holiday for me to enjoy and rest more. I want new semester to start so that I can finish my final year and last semester as soon as possible then I can return home as soon as possible as I miss everything there much, muchie!!! I just checked my timetable, it cannot be say packed but only attended class on normal weekdays and I have to attend class till 6pm!! Arggghhhhh!! Forget about it!! That's what a student should do. Cope with whatever college had arrange for us!! I will definitely work hard ( I hope ) for this semester, then I will be able to graduate on time!!
Buhbye holiday, Aloha new semester!!!!


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