HaPPiE HappY BirtHdaY to JoU!!!

Its 16 October 2008 today. Nothing special today but few more hours to go it is an important day to someone out there maybe!! Few more hours to go there is someday important for my cousinf who is turning 20!! Yippie~~~~~ Turning 20 is actually meaningful to me because from the figure 1 turning to 2 isn't it an unforgetable moment and should be memorable?? Here it is a little and small celebration for her.

How can we miss out the event of singing birthday song with birthday cake!!!

Cake blowing of course by birthday gaL!!!!

Cake cutting

Did you see the food beside the cake?? Its pizza and I will be posting it at another post!!!

We have food so how can we miss out drinks. We had Champagne!! Yeah~~~ A great great dinner!!!

So, last but not least HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAYJOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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