No one actually suspicious what actually is in the parcel that I had received few days ago!! Besides I want to keep it till the times come too!! Now it is the time!!!!!!!!!!


This is a historical moment which deserves some special celebration or some sort of special stuff. Kindly visit makanmaniacs for more info and more food review!!

Can you guess what it is???
MM shirt!!!
(upper on left hand side)

(lower on right hand side)

It is not an easy thing to achieve this achievement. I am proud of MM and also Brian Kho!!
Thanks for making this site such a success and also so informative!!


cacatkia™ said…
makan maniacs also got shirt???? how come i dunno...
jc.阿悠 said…
I was curious of what you receive from Miri (I guess) are such a lucky girl who can always receive parcel!!

Anyway, bravo to the founder of the project dasolve, who might not know me, and other staff members....Not to forget the existence of Miri's cafes & restaurants!!
-pEi- said…
Got la but not for ousiders yet...
so happy that i get to have it

yeah i shall consider myself as a really lucky girl. U will c him when u go chatroom on MC net sometimes...hehe..miss u JC!!
dasolve said…

Thank you for anyone who has mentally supported the site (it is not my effort, it is everyone's effort). Without everyone, MM is zero to none.

Thanks mui for promoting my site. She has helped a lot in promoting :)
= FLoReNcE = said…
i dunno makanmaniacs got t shirt. :)
dasolve said…
flo, now you know :D
garrylin said…
Wah~ Pei Pei~ that's so cool~
-pEi- said…
wana get one or join our team as I know ur mouth did eat and have high expectation on food!!
rac_yiing said…
the t-shirt look quite nice lah, but just feel like still less something lo..maybe can add one more colour at the sleeve thr...white or orange or purple...or can add more design at the shirt thr lur...
hehe, just my opinion la...hope the designer won't mind ya^^

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