Bong Sen

What are you thinking of when you see the title?? A boutique?? NO!! A shop?? YEAH!! Consider part of it. Okid Dokie I will reveal this....It is actually a VIETNAMESE RESTAURANT!!! It is situated at KLCC 4th Floor. Once again I get to enjoy other country food and thanks to Alex a.k.a dinoxx.

Picture will do most of the talking and I will only explain some of the food and also how it seems to taste!!!

Vietnamese Coffee
This is really special and this is the first time I drink coffee this way. The coffee will be dripping from the above. It will drip slowly and the aroma of the coffee really good. It is good for coffee lovers because the milk doesn't cover the coffee taste at all.

Dragon Fruit Salad

This taste a bit weird for me as I do not know what they have mix in. It taste little salty and sweet from the dragon fruit itself. A good try tho!!!

Vietnamese Snacks/Tidbits

They are various of food on this plate. It is all locally Vietnam snacks. Not bad. I love the vegeterian roll. Taste so natural with all the fresh vegetable in it.

Vietnamese Chicken Noodle
Alex said it is nice but not as good as the previous restaurant he tried before!!!

Vietnamese Beef Noodle

This is the same version noodle as above but it is beef and added with bean sprout.

This is mine.

Changrilled Chicken Set ( I guess that's the name)

It is consider mixture with western food. They have garden salad, french fries and also burger that contains, chicken meat, bacoon and also onion that cut into slices.

Not bad but a heavy one for me!!!

Last but not least a picture of mine!!

camwhore -pEi-!!! Did not get to take picture with Alex due to shyness and also he is kind of busy too!! Learn something today from his meeting!!!


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