Very & Totally Busy DaY!!!

Today is totally a busy busy day for me. I had been attending lecturer, tutorials and also seminars in 8 hours continuosly. I was so so tired because after reaching home, put down my bag and then go Carrefour to buy something.

1000am-1200pm - Attending CA lecturer for 2 hours. Its kinda boring because the lecture keep talk crap and related to something else. Eventhough her lecturer won't be boring but to many things that is outside the syllabus.

1200pm-0200pm - Attending replacement CG tutorial because I will attend seminar for the coming 2 hours which is the exact time for my tutorial time. Crashing time among it sO i have to attend replacement tutorial to go for the seminar. It is a boring one. I do not whether is the first day of tutorial or I am too tired after 2 hours lecturer and continue tutorial. I almost sleep in the class.

0200pm -0400pm - A seminar by Mr Tony Buzan (if you know him, a famous writer and poetry) on Studying Smart!! It is a nice and fun seminar. This is the among seminar I think is great and not bad. A seminar which I really pay attention to listen and find out I actually really gain something out of that seminar.

0400pm-0600pm - Another tutorial to attend after that seminar. The CS subject. This is the first time I met this tutor Miss Nandita. She is darinf person to speak out her thought and I salute her alot of her attitude and also she had great teaching skills which I think I can gain something from her. She is funny lady too!!!! I enjoy her class bery much and hope it will going on fun for the next 12weeks. That is 3 more months to go.

After class, reach home my sis told I have to parcel. My day is ligthen by this 2 parcel. I know it will reach soon but don't know it reach so fast and both reach the same day!! Hehehe.......... =)

Parcel from far away!!
Parcel of the thing that I bought!!


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