CONGRATULATIONS!! Once again MM had achieve great achievements which made Mirians proud of and I believe for those who had been following this site all along know that MM trying to do their best to keep their readers with food info. NOW, I proudly announce that decided to come up with their own MM shirt and officially starts for ordering.

Below are the design for the shirt. You can have a look at MM official site the price the measurement of the shirt. This shirt only comes in one color which is BLACK and also remain their own significant logo just like the above BUT now come with variety types. *They have POLO, V neck and Round Neck. If you would like to have one too, what are you waiting for....visit now and order one for yourself!!!

p/s: * updated information


pink.eclipse,a.k.a bibubibu said…
yeah yeah...i order mine ord...hehe
-pEi- said…
good good...i will get mine soon too...then we can wear like bunch of 'couple'..
aiks....nola..later GD slaugther me la...hahahah
aLoM said…
Yo, I just placed an order for mine yesterday. hehehe... How are you pei? Long time no news leh?
-pEi- said…
Tat's great and glad to hear tat alom...
I am fine is just ah...miss u ma...hahaha..take care ya

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