PIDATO - 31October 2008

I wonder do you still remember I did mention in my few post back that I am going for pidato competition??

Today is the day for the very first round. I was eventually not nervous at all and I had been praticing fromt ime to time to ensure that I don't forget any points that I had to mention during the PIDATO!!

Before my turn, I had been repeating all the points and keep myself cool down. I am not nervous but when it is my turn and I stand in fornt of everyone I tend to stuck and words seems like hardly came out.

Whew~~ But it is now all over. Now, I have to wait for the result to see whether I can proceed to the second round which is the semi final evenythough I think I had not been doing very well in it. Anyway, as long as I had tried my best I am satisfy enough. Now I can only wait.......


dasolve said…
gambade mui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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