Happy SaturDay!!!

Jerry is back from Shanghai so we decide to meet up and have breakfast together with Alex. So, I went to Bintang Warisan and look for them. First round, we have breakfast at the hotel. After that we went to Jalan Alor theres a restaurant there for SECOND ROUND!!! I only have sliced meat with century egg porridge but Jerry had ordered a plate of mix meat that contained Roasted Duck, Roasted Chicken, Roasted Pork and also Char Siew. WOW!! I tell you this is the fullest breakfast I have ever had!!!

Jerry is so kind and generous. He had been giving me gifts that he bought back form Shanghai and also buy me J Co. Donut when we went to Pavillion to buy cheesecake someone from MC net, the donuts she want. Hope she will like the donut that I had choose for her.

A gift from Jerry, a cute pair of doll made from clay!!!
Bangle or Bracelet from Jerry too!!

Last but not least my own pic.. I love camwhore but did not get to take pic with Alex and Jerry coz Jerry had tight schedule and have plane to catch so don't want to waste his time!! Every minute is GOLD!!!!


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