Why are feelings so uncontrollable??
Why we, human, have the feeling of sad, happy, upset, disappointed or even heart broken??
Why feelings can't be seen but we feel it deeply in our heart??
Why? Why? Why?
Keeping things as simple as I can is always what I am trying to do but somehow sometimes some people action, behavior and also action will lead to our emotional feelings too.
I know theres nothing much I can do because it is nothing to do with me and not something I should be responsible of but somehow my heart really feel the pain, really feel sad of it!!
How I wish everything never happen and time can be rewind!! Somehow now everything is impossible. I can only pray and hope for the best in everything!!!!


dasolve said…
Just do whatever you think it is right.
cync said…
i dont know why too.
Pei, take care dear.
lasapka said…
why you think so much ley?
-pEi- said…
sometimes its just not what I can control isnt it?? but thanks alot for dropping by and thanks lasapka for concern
garrylin said…
Wats happened can't possibly be ammended.. but do what you can to improve the present and future...

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