Its been almost a month since Hari Raya starts and it almost come to the end. My neighbour had invited us for their open house which says that Hari Raya is going to end soon. As long as I can remember, I had not been visiting any Malay friend's house since I came here because I don't have any Malay friends over here. I always wanted to taste the original food they prepare for Raya. Stop saying and we will start with the FOOD!!!

Kuih Melayu
There is also ingredient inside which is made of coconut flesh. Taste so unique because the outer layer is salty and the inner coconut flesh is actually sweet.

4 Happiness ( I named it myself =] )
Meehoon with chicken and soup
MeeHoon with Beef Soup
Pulut with Lontong
Noodle with Curry
After eating the above food I actually did learn something. Every soup is mix with different food. You don't simply just mix one soup to your noodle or meehoon. You can do that but you might not get the genuine taste of thet food.
Tuan Rumah (in red) who invited us
Hari Raya kan so should had written some Malay..hehehe

Not long after that, I am going way down to Pavilion to meet someone from Miri and had dinner with her. So happy to meet her and its the second time we met since we met last month when I went back to Miri. A cute, lovely lady of aLL!!!!!
GooLooLoo @.@'''

-pEi- & GooLooLoo
Lastly, wish to thank Goo for the treat and her friend to get me home. Really thanks a lot and appreciate it!!!! More pictures please visit GooLooLoo 's Blog.

How can I forget myself too!! Camwhore addiction I tell u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


goolooloo said…
Hahaha PeiPei. U are pro than me le, i haven't blog yet. Was about to blog the open house i went yesterday too! Nice to meet u, and maybe we still can meet!
-pEi- said…
nola...i was free when I reach home and also nothing much to do so I blog. I am going to wait for ur post. Sure sure maybe we can go have fun like genting themem park or sunway lagoon..what u think??

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