Its been a long time I did not eat Pizza. Been missing it so so much. Decide to post it separately because never post anything about Pizza and I am going to manage my post to have better and comfortable reading to readers.

As you know everything in KL can be deliver or drive thru, so we decide to get pizza delivery as some special occasion going on. We are too lazy to go out and some more its far away from the place we live.

You can either get online to book or phone call!! Their number is really nice and easy to remember!!!

Hawaiian Chicken
This is the flavour that I love the most among all. I love the pineapple on the pizza which combine with cheese and also crust. But upsetly this time the pineapple is less than I previously had. Little bit upset but it will still be my favorite of all!!!

Supreme Chicken

This is a flavour which I never tried before but not bad tho. It's kinda spicy but I think the small round bacon taste not bad with the pizza. Nothing much on it and I think it will be great to have garlic bread and also mushroom soup!!!



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