My Day

Class had officially starts today!! Same as previous semester I had for suubject also this semester but tough one to handle!! Every each of it have 5 credit hours!!

First of all, my first lecturer of the day and of the new semester is Corporate Financial Management II. This time this lecturer is kind of different from the previous one. He tend to speak according to slide BUT without giving us handouts in advance. His intention is want us to listen and write or jot down what he had said. I hope this really works as I am really paying 200% of the attention on it. I hope this can continue till the very end of the semester!! After 2 hours break we continue with the same subject. A replacement on the very first week. He is going to workshop on Wednesday which is another session of lecturer so he is replacing it in advance!!!

The second subject of the day is Case Study!! This is basically the subject that I had been looking towards because this subject is 100% assignment basis!! In addition, the lecturer is actually a previous tutor of mine for Company Secretarial Practice, so I am kind of comfort with his teaching and also he is a funny man!!! I am hoping to do well in this subject as NO written final paper have to be examined and the paper work is done in GROUP!! I was so happy and hoping I can score well!!

That is all I attend today and I am hoping for the other 2 subject which is Corporate Governance and also Corporate Administration!! It is a tough one this semester as every subject have 5 credit hours which is not easy to score!! I hope both of the other 2 will not be worst than the 2 I attended today!!!

I am going to work extra hard this semester and I am going to pay extra attention to as I wish to graduate in time and also at the same time forget those unhappy things and unnecessary stuff. The most important is keping myself busy will make time pass faster then I can go home faster!!!!


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