First Day with Donna Bong

Yesterday was a very exciting day because DONNA is back from Canada after 2 years living us and Malaysia. All of us miss her so much. We can't wait to meet her because from her blog she is getting cute and crazier. After we met her our first stop is GARDENS. I never went there before and Gardens looks great because it is actually have lots of branded stuff just like Pavilion. Of course we do take lots of picture because we are camera addicted.

More pictures of us and also on food but I will be blogging the food separately as I think it is more manageable and not mixing up all my categories into one which is quite messy.
After few rounds on window shopping tummy starts to roll the drum. It is a sign of HUNGER!!! Then we shall seek for food. We went to this taiwan restaurant which looks nice and elegant. The food is nothing more to say then AWESOME!! YUMMY!!!

After dinner of course there was still planned to catch. We will heading back to town. To the area where the night is still young! It's ladies night everyone, our NEXT stop is Rums Jungle! Want to know what it is? Where it is? What had we done? Stay tuned for more!!!!


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