The night when we came back from genting, we went to Times Square and Sungei Wamg for last minute shopping. Eat and shop is what we usually do. For dinner, we went to The Curve, Dragon-i.

I never actually set my foot in this restaurant, so thanks to Donna I get this opportunity to try food in here and I had to say they are SUPERB!!! OISHI!!!!!

This restaurant is base on Chinese culture and everything inside and their design will basically let you think of the ancient China.

龙的传人 - This is carve on every chopstick. I think it is nice and simple.
Ramen Beef Bris
I don't know how well it taste but our golden tongue, Garry had ordered it I believe it definitely taste good. The aroma and smell is definitely great for beef lover.
Shi Chuan Spicy Ramen
You will love this if you are someone who loves hot food much. From far away you can small the spiciness of the ramen. The taste is even better to spice up your taste bud.
Buckle Porkchop and Long Bean Rice
This is not bad. The pork chop is kinda normal but the rice is quite nice. Just like the Japanese rice you can feel that you are eating every bite of every rice. The rice aroma is so nice that you wish for the second bite.
Xiao Long Bao
WOW!! This really live up my taste bud. Personally think this is the best of all xiao long bao in Malaysia. I felt like I can fly after having the first bite. The soup in it is so naturally sweet and the ascent is something you will like. I truly recommended this and thumbs up for it!!!

You will know how nice and tasty it is. See, Donna love it!!!
I told you this tauhu is one of the recommended from me too. The outer layer is so so crispy that you wouldn't know that the inner part is still smooth and silky.

It's me that caanot stop eating. Everything is too nice and we are really full with food!!!


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